June 30, 2023

Gardening Tips

What if we never left Eden?

  • Notice the path you walk each day
  • Express delight
  • Show empathy
  • Never criticize.  It’s not the plant’s fault. It’s your fault.
  • Instrument a few critical metrics - start with the pH of your water
  • Try things, repeat what works
  • Seek expert advice - We should have put this one sooner 😄
  • Don’t give up because you’re not an expert - it's just for fun
  • Be discerning with your attention it's easy to try too hard for too long
  • Keep planting seeds
  • Bigger gardens need more help
  • Pruning is the art
  • Make the path delightful for yourself
  • You‘re going to get better at it

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June 30, 2023
June 30, 2023
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