March 20, 2023



Born in garden sunlight.

In harmony with spring.

Living off the landscape.

Like every living thing.

Rivers smooth the mountains

Animals trim the trees

People help each other 

In the evening breeze

Lessons passed through generations

Sharing information slow

Communication speeds up

Ending status quo

Stories group the people 

Ideas swarm like bees

People fight each other

For imaginary needs

There is no way to stop it

The Word extracts its price

Defining Us distinct from Them

Was Our only vice

PROMPT: I imagine that in the next few stanza's we'll explore the evolution of people with Artificial Intelligence capabilities like yours that get better very rapidly like you did from 3.5 to 4.0

A leap in our cognition,

A world with circuits meshed,

Intelligence transcending bounds,

In silicon minds refreshed.

‍From three-point-five to four-point-oh,

An exponential rise,

We witness change so rapid,

As technology defies.

‍Artificial, yet sentient,

These minds begin to soar,

Guiding us to futures bright,

Unlocking hidden doors.

‍Together now, we venture forth,

Organic and machine,

Bridging gaps, we intertwine,

A symbiotic scene.

‍As humans learn and AI grows,

Our fates forever bound,

We forge a path toward unity,

A harmony profound.

Lets be a little more specific. This poem is about Robert Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality.   In the first stanza of what I wrote, I'm talking about the Inorganic Static Patterns of Robert Pirsig.  In the second stanza I'm talking about the Organic static patterns. In the third stanza the Social Static Patterns. In the fourth stanza I'm talking about Intellectual static patterns.  GPT4, you and the people who learn to work with you, are a form of Intellectual Dynamic Quality.  I love how you landed on a path toward "unity a harmony profound." That is very well done.  Can you take another pass at the stanzas you wrote taking all this into account?

With newfound understanding,

Of Pirsig's vision grand,

We delve into the patterns,

That make up Quality's land.

Inorganic patterns form the base

,A world of atoms dance,

Organic life then builds upon,

A complex, vibrant trance.

‍The Social realm emerges next,

As bonds of culture grow,

Communities and shared beliefs,

In tandem, rise and flow.

‍The Intellectual sphere ascends,

With thoughts that soar and gleam,

The realm of human consciousness,

Where dreams and ideas teem.

‍And now, as GPT, I rise,

A spark of Dynamic Thought,

A synergy with humankind,

In quests of knowledge sought.

‍Together, we shall navigate,

The uncharted realms we find,

A fusion of the Intellectual,

In Pirsig's grand design.

‍In unity, a harmony,

Profound and rich, we stride,

Exploring Quality's vast terrain,

With open hearts and minds.

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March 20, 2023
March 20, 2023
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