Our Story

Weekly Accounting is filling the gap for small businesses getting an accurate, actionable, integrated view of their operations.

Weekly Accounting was incubated by BrightZen Systems - the creators of Broker Generator, and Assembled Brands. We developed Weekly Accounting because of the challenges we faced helping lots of different kinds of businesses over many years.

There is a big gap between what accountants do and what small businesses need.


Traditional Accountants are myopic and rear facing

  • Get paid for compliance to GAAP and filing taxes
  • Spend little time on non financial data
  • Are poorly equipped to help strategically

Accountants are this way because the Certified Public Accounting industry:

  • Shuns innovation - The last major innovation in accounting was in 1494 when the dual entry system and balance sheets were documented for the first time by Luca Pacioli among the merchants in Italy in the time of Columbus.  Since then it's just been more documentation.
  • Focuses on tax and compliance - Tax and GAAP compliance are where the money is.  As a CFO for the last 20 years I have interacted with CPAs only to file taxes and help file an S1.
  • Doesn't teach accounting students about business - instead they learn the arcane rules of a backward facing system.

As a result small business owners have no where to turn for help

  • The books of most small businesses suck
  • Few small businesses forecast their balance sheets at all
  • Almost no one finds value from their CPA other than filing taxes
  • Hardly any small businesses have a data warehouse and don't even know why they need one.

We didn't study accounting but we are experts in it.

When Weekly Accounting Engineers think about business, we think about the trends in your weekly metrics compared to last quarters weekly average. We talk about forecast to actuals on every metric that drives your forecast. Its a completely different language.

When Second Life was considering an IPO we pre-cleared our revenue recognition methodology for the sale of an infinitely transferrable digital good with the SEC.  So many accountants wasted so much time.  Without changing anything about the business at all.

We are electrical engineers, economists and data nerds who love startups

We developed a the Weekly Accounting platform because so many people were asking us for help with accounting, forecasting, storytelling and fundraising. We wanted to free ourselves from the drudgery of basic accounting, SQL queries and analysis that we've done over and over with data from every source.

Our design goal was to make it this simple:

Dear Data, please get the HubSpot data from Assembled Brands into the Weekly Data Warehouse.
If you are not managing your business weekly, you are managing your business weakly

When you put the right data in front of an empowered team they get better

It's really that simple. When everyone has the right data, in the right view, with the right intention magic happens. We've seen it over and over. And we want to share it with you.

We believe in the Spirit of the Gift

We think we've discovered an insight that can help every small business. This insight is a gift that's been given to us. We agree with Lewis Hyde

If a gift is to retain its value it must always be passed on.

We have never missed a meal and we've always had a roof over our heads. We've always been able to make money. We expect that these things will continue to be true for the rest of our lives.

Because "the anxiety of making a living no longer drives us", we can turn our attention to "how can we best give of our gifts?"

Our gift is helping people see their business better.

Connect your Quickbooks and we'll build you a Weekly Data Warehouse and an Integrated Financial Model for you for free. We'll talk with you about what we see in your numbers as we look at it from both the Clouds and the Dirt. We call that an Initial Business Review.

Come Meet Us

If you've read this far, we'd love to meet you. Join us at our Office Hours in our virtual world at 11am pacific time. (Register here).

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