Weekly Accounting Business Intelligence Service

We Do It For You
All you have to do is grant us access, we take care of the rest.
  • We build a Weekly Data Warehouse.
  • We integrate data from every platform into the database.
  • We calculate the key metrics that drive results your business.
  • We present the key metrics in a consistent and understandable way.
  • We make space for cross functional collaboration via Zoom and In App Chat.
We have extensive experience
Industries Business Models
  • Real Estate
  • Software
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Games
  • Professional Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Ad driven
  • Sales driven
  • Subscription
  • Agencies
  • Labor intensive
  • Branded services
We Fit Your Budget
  • Packages starting at $500 per month
Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident our Business Intelligence Service will improve your business, we offer a money back guarantee.
When you put the right data in front of an empowered team, they get better
We Invest In Good Businesses
Once you are on the platform, if you are in need of capital, let us know. We can invest and we can also help you find other investors.
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