Weekly Accounting Bookkeeping Service

Problem - Most Bookkeepers Suck
There are approximately 5.2 million companies on Quickbooks Online. Most of them are poorly served by poorly trained administrators who have (barely) learned how to use Quickbooks on the side.
When CPAs are responsible for maintaining the books, the CPAs are focused more on Tax and GAAP compliance at year end than on getting valuable data to help make better business decisions and operate the company better every week.
Its as if a CPA is a license to do your books in a way that doesn't help the business.
To make matters worse, turnover of bookkeepers is ridiculous and the cost of replacing them is high. The average bookkeeper only stays in their job for about 18 months.
Solution - A System Built By Experts For Experts
Weekly Accounting was designed by Electrical Engineers and Business Intelligence Experts with experience with thousands of rapidly growing businesses from $0 to $100 million in revenue. We built the Weekly Accounting Bookkeeping Service because we found ourselves unable to delegate this routine task in a way that would consistently deliver high Quality results.
Daily Transaction Download
The Weekly Accounting Bookkeeping Service downloads and accepts transactions from banks and credit cards consistently every day. We don't wait until the end of the month to reconcile the bank balance to the book balance - we do that every day as well.
Transactional Data Easily Accessible
We then export all the General Ledger data into our Weekly Data Warehouse for integration with data from other systems and presentment in our reporting tools and in Google Sheets directly.
If you are still like emailing spreadsheets from Quickbooks Desktop around with Microsoft Outlook, you've got other problems and we can't help you.
Priced to Fit
Whether you are just doing a few dozen transactions a month or hundreds of transactions a day, we  provide this service for about the same as other providers - but with a much higher value add.
Controllers & Founders Love it
Only do what only you can do.
We've made it easy to outsource this task for at all stages of a companies development.
What We Do
The Basics
  • Restructure Chart of Accounts
  • All transactions downloaded from banks are accepted into their proper accounts
  • Book balance reconciled to bank balance daily*
  • Daily transaction sync to Weekly Data Warehouse
  • Live, Always Updated Integrated Financial Model and WMQ report
  • Work with a CPA to get your taxes done.
  • We don't have access to release funds on your behalf
Plus Payables
  • [ Inbox Empty & synced to QBO]
  • New vendors are confirmed 1099 information is captured
Plus Payroll System Administration
  • Set up and maintain your payroll administration system
  • Maintain required state filings
  • Perfect Headcount Forecasting Tool
Plus Credit
  • If you can't apply for and get a credit card for the business we can provide you with one
We Specialize in Quickbooks Online and the Google Suite
  • If you still really really like emailing spreadsheets around with Microsoft Outlook it might be difficult for you to adopt Weekly Accounting.
  • When you are ready to level up, we can migrate from Xero or Freshbooks or Wave or Quickbooks Desktop or just about any other platform.
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