April 25, 2023
Weekly Accounting

Our Story

Weekly Accounting, Inc. provides bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services to companies on QuickBooks Online. Unlike CPAs who only do bookkeeping once per year at tax time, we maintain your books perfectly every week. Once you see your business weekly, the old ways of seeing your business will seem quaint.

In addition to the accounting basics build a Weekly Data Warehouse and an Integrated Financial Model with data from all your business metrics.

Accounting for all your business data

We do this because we believe if you are not managing your business weekly, you are managing your business weakly.

When you put the right data in front of an empowered team they get better

It's really that simple. When everyone has the right data, in the right view, with the right intention magic happens. We've seen it over and over. And we want to share it with you.

We believe in the Spirit of the Gift

We think we've discovered an insight that can help every small business. This insight is a gift that's been given to us. We agree with Lewis Hyde

If a gift is to retain its value it must always be passed on.

Our gift is helping people see their business better.

Connect your Quickbooks and we'll build you a Weekly Data Warehouse and an Integrated Financial Model for you for free. We'll talk with you about what we see in your numbers as we look at it from both the Clouds and the Dirt. We call that an Initial Business Review.


John Zdanowski

April 25, 2023
April 25, 2023
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