March 22, 2023
Weekly Accounting

Forecasting & Stratgy

The Weekly Accounting platform is designed to empower people to better forecast businesses. Whether you dream of becoming a venture-backed unicorn 🦄 or building a revenue stream that you can manage in just a few hours a week from anywhere 🏖️, Weekly Accounting helps you create an accurate, actionable forecast that helps you achieve your business goals.

You've got to have an aim...otherwise you are aimless.1

The basic framework is simple.

With all your business data in the Weekly Data Warehouse, viewable in the Integrated Financial Model, the trends in your business become obvious.

With the Right Data, Right View and Right Intention, Weekly Accounting helps you:

  • Set proper expectations for growth
  • Target and profitably acquire loyal customers
  • Finance the business appropriately
  • Manage inventory and labor more efficiently
  • And grow safely to achieve your goals

Feedback loops make everything better.

A feedback loop is the part of a system where the system's output is used as input for future operations. Weekly Accounting helps you implement two types of feedback loops:

  • Weekly Feedback Loops: Every week, you'll be able to see how you are doing on an average weekly basis this quarter. You and your team will know what's important and what levers to pull.

  • Monthly Feedback Loops: Each month, the system automatically produces a comparison of what you expected to happen with what actually happened across all your business metrics, as well as your full income statement and balance sheet.

A great forecast is one you use to run the business

We've worked with a lot of exceptional people who have a feel for their business - they know the business like the back of their hands and they know what's happening and what's important in every aspect of their business.

When you run the business in your head, its easy to fool yourself into thinking you are better or worse than you are.

With Weekly Accounting, reality is clear


John Zdanowski

March 22, 2023
March 22, 2023
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