November 27, 2023
Weekly Accounting

[Not-a-Book 3] Zen and the Art of Weekly Accounting

ZEN and the Art of Weekly Accounting

An Inquiry into Systems

Part 3 of the Infinite Series



Early Thoughts Dated

Nov 21, 2023

Subjects in the Appendix

  1. Weekly Accounting BackStories
  1. Pursue the life and the work you love
  1. Caroline wanted her bathroom done
  2. Caroline was considering a job at the coffee shop
  3. First two customers
  4. How will I oversee this?
  5. In the beginning was the domain name
  6. My daughter painted a person sitting under a tree
  7. She enabled me to pursue the life and the work that I loved.
  1. Phil’s ridiculous story
  2. Jeff and John’s ridiculous story
  3. Teaching Greg the IFM and having him teach me bigquery
  4. Learning with Jake
  1. Case Studies
  1. Robin Healthcare HIding the ball from yourself
  2. Brave Health Quality as the ultimate goal of business
  3. The daily linden dollar rollforward
  4. Assembled Brands and the Rowset of Shopify Businesses
  1. Philosophical Concepts
  1. “You don’t notice anything for which you cannot see a limit”
  2. The platypus and the magic cohort
  3. If the business needs you its not-a-business
  1. 8411
  2. Are you setting up your business to need you?
  1. The metaphysics of business
  1. A business is a collection of processes
  2. Every process has a transactional record
  3. Input - process - output
  4. Win Win Relationships inevitably proliferate
  1. Poems
  1. Using language like math
  2. Creating space poem - 8411
  3. The Song of Metaphysics
  4. The intention and the system
  1. Stories I tell
  1. A map from the time of columbus
  2. A CPA is a license tod do your books in way that doesn’t help the business
  3. If you’re not managing your business weekly you’re managing your business weekly
  1. Core Weekly Accounting Concepts
  1. Accounting for all your business data
  1. A business is a collection of processes
  2. The Weekly Data Warehouse
  3. Unit Economics are all that matter
  1. The Views
  1. The Instrumentation Pyramid
  2. The Rowset
  3. Monday Morning Metrics
  4. Integrated Financial Model
  5. The Reporting Tool
  6. The WMQ Report
  1. Level 2
  1. Level 2 Marketing Metrics
  1. Strategic Decision Making / Capital Decision Making
  1. Long Term Valuation Model (LTVM)
  2. The S Curve
  3. The J Curve
  1. Row row row your rowset
  1. What is a rowset
  2. What are the characteristics of a rowset - flow and balance
  3. Flow and balance in every metric
  4. What accountants get right.
  5. There are only a dozen rowsets
  1. Ride the wave of automation
  1. Transactional accounting is the first thing to go
  2. At the edge of every AI is a human who knows how to use it.
  3. The smartest AI can serve the dumbest person - how would it respond?

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November 4, 2023

Maybe Dream

A Maybe Dream Summary

People think things matter.
People thing they’re right.
100 years, then nothing’s left?
Even banks will shatter.

A Maybe Dream

It’s simple,

Can’t you see?

The end embedded when it started

An event-u-al-ity.

A baby born

A seedling sprouts

A dollar held as bail.

A new idea

A maybe dream

A bank too big to fail.

Can you see

A scale of time

A depth beyond the eyes

To find a rhyme

That lasts through time

Alone among the wise.

Its simple

Can’t you see?

The end

That it all points to

Is spirit-u-al-ity

GPT Image Prompt

Picture a circular dalle (stained glass window) with vibrant, interconnected panels. At the center, there's a radiant sun, symbolizing the core of existence. Radiating outward, each panel represents a different part of the poem:

  1. "A Maybe Dream": This panel shows a dreamy landscape with a surreal, floating dreamcatcher.
  2. "The end embedded when it started": A looped ribbon-like design illustrates the concept of beginnings and endings merging.
  3. "A dollar held as bail": A hand reaches out to grasp a dollar bill behind prison bars, symbolizing financial security.
  4. "A new idea, A maybe dream": Lightbulbs of various sizes illuminate a dark background, representing ideas and dreams.
  5. "Is spirit-u-al-ity": A serene figure meditates under a starry night sky, embodying spirituality.

These panels are interconnected through intricate patterns and colors, emphasizing the unity of the poem's themes within the circular dalle.

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